You Get What You Pay For – or Do You?

In the world of video advertising fraud is alive and well to the disappointment of the Fortune 500 companies.

So I’m reading this article today about online advertising and low and behold, I learn something new in the world of online thievery. Even the big dogs fall prey to the never ending cycle of deception when it comes to ads.

How is it that Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, JP Morgan, HTC Corp and others, get ripped off in the advertising arena? It’s easy because thieves will always be clever if not one step ahead of the honest advertising companies. Companies like the ones just mentioned here pay to have their ads pop-up in front of target audiences.

That’s not news to most but here’s what’s happening more and more…

Are you really getting what you think you’re paying for?

Well, their ads are in fact popping up but they are not visible to the naked eye! What do you mean Met? What I’m saying is., the ads they are paying to pop up at opportune times are – but they are the size of a pixel (needle point). Yeh, a company called has been ripping people off. Read the full story here.


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In court those that were taken buy this kind of theft will have a case against the offender but just how much? They were paying to have their video ads pop up and they actually were being shown. It’s just that now one actually knew they were viewing them because they were so tiny. You gotta laugh at genius of these robbers of advertising dollars but it’s a very serious matter.

There really is no defense here…

Ad Theft Stats

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An ad consultancy named Medialink, estimates that as much as 25% of online ad revenue is wasted on fraud and piracy. Further, a report from a firm called comScore found that 36% of online ad impressions, or views are generated by non-humans. lol In December 188.2 million Americans watched a total of 52.4 billion videos! That’s insane!

Because video marketing in general is one of the fastest growing, I’ve decided this medium to be one of my methods of learning and mastering.

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