What Do You Do With 70K Emails? Facebook Solution

I’ll answer that question in a moment but now… “In The News!”

Well it seems that Obama doesn’t like the way our government works (he never did) so he’s going to ONCE AGAIN bypass congress on this immigration issue. Rather than enforcing the laws we already have on the books that have been there for years., and simply closing our borders – he’s choosing to ignore the will of the people and use executive privileges to remake America!

Thank GOD we have term limits!

On to GM… GM used to be on my good list, but now they have totally lost “Cool Points” with me on this recall matter. Apparently, they have recalled ANOTHER 8.5 million vehicles due to this faulty ignition switch! For one, they knew about it and did nothing (much like our open borders) and two – they are going to pay these unknowing victims like $1 million for each fatality and something like $300K to dependents of the victim. READ IT HERE…

Facebook Solution

Typical email clients will not allow you to mail out bulk emails at a high rate so what do you do? Besides that, people do that wrong by slamming every email address in the “to” section vs. the “bcc:” (blind carbon copy)  section so that every recipient you mailed to doesn’t see the other 50+ people you mailed at the same time.

This is an awesome “fix” to this problem that stymies most… Click Here To See It !!


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