Vaporizor’s Tackle Big Tobacco

I only have one concern and that is how annoying people will gradually become with their big plumes of vapor… Because apparently, big plumes of non-smoke is in high demand.


This is news to me…

Image by: wsj article found here.

e-cigarettes are closing in on a $2 Billion dollar a year industry. I guess the nicotine patches are sexy anymore. I don’t know the last time I seen anyone bring up the patch over the last couple years., not even on tv.

If you’re a smoker, this may be the answer for you quitting that horrible habit. I’m not judging. I know this is definitely cheaper than the traditional pack of cigarettes. That alone would push me to try them out if I were a smoker.

Image by: wsj article

I’m sympathtic to this addiction. I recently lost a close relative to cancer and currently have another fighting a similar battle. My ex-mother-in-law has lost all her hair because of kemo therapy to a brand of cancer that isn’t curable.

We all know the the risks and we’re all adults. We can choose to do what we want as adults that’s why I don’t put up a stink if you’re a smoker. If we’re outdoors, I will move to where the smoke doesn’t bother me (unless I’m eating outdoors at a restaurant) Then, I gotta say something. Other than that… I’m good.


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