Trump Said…

Donald Trump, ForbesWhere ever Donald Trump goes, you can probably bet that he’ll say something that may offend some people one way or another. You may not like his politics, heck, you may not like him! But one thing is for certain – Trump knows how to win!

…Trump knows SUCCESS

I myself happen to be somewhat of a fan of this guy because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and more importantly, Donald Trump is where I want to be financially.

Today as I write this email, Donald Trump is running for the presidency. By the looks of it, he just may win. I ain’t got no idea if he will or not. What I do know is this guy has a propensity for winning!

Who knows what this country will be like if he does…

My point is., Success Leaves Clues! AND, if you want to be successful at anything in life, you have to do what successful people do. Email marketing is no different. If you want to become a successful email marketer, you should follow someone who has mastered it like my good friend Jimmy.

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