The Year Of The Underdog

I like politics but I hate politicians!


About two weeks ago Eric Cantor got a huge knot in his stomach after outspending his opponent David Brat by 10-1. Brat may have had $200,000 at his disposal., you do the math.

In case you don’t know who Eric Cantor is, he was the majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. This dude was a big deal!

David Brat Wa A Nobody

How does a nobody knock-off somebody seasoned and embedding in the mix like Cantor? I’ll tell you how, because they cannot control the people!

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You see, whether you vote or not, and sometimes I say “f” it, I ani’t voting for none of those a-holes! Because in the end – the script is already written. Politicians are self-serving. They’re supposed to represent us up there in D.C. but it’s all a farse.

Look are all politicians bad? Yep, 99.8% are in my opinion. I don’t trust none of em!

You ain’t gotta take my word for it, ask yourself, look around the city where you live, has it improved or gotten worse over the past 10-15 years? Or is your town just as jacked up as Philly is?

Democrats, Republicans, Independents, it really doesn’t look good no matter who’s voted in because they all get stonewalled or blocked when someone really does go up there to make a change.

I’m not saying Give up or don’t go vote, I’m just saying if enough of us get out and exercise our right to vote in these big races coming up – There’s no telling what mountains we will move!

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The truth is, I like seeing the underdog win! …and I LOVE seeing the supposed shoe-ins get they ass kicked by a nobody! No offense to David Brat. I hope he goes on to make a difference for the greater good.

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