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I happened to catch Donald Trump on C-SPAN giving a talk to the National Press Club. You know, I continue to be amazed by the drive of this man. I’m inspired by his confidence alone! You can see the full story here.

He talked about how the U.S. allows China to import their goods into our country tax free but China taxes the U.S. goods coming into China. Just by that alone, a five year old would know that isn’t a fair deal. Not to mention – China manipulates their currency to make it virtually impossible for the U.S. to compete over there!

I like the way this guy thinks!

He also gave his opinion on the future of the United States and how he’s optimistic about the potential that exists there. IF there is leadership in place! We all know D. Trump isn’t exactly a fan of the commander in chief (neither am I, I voted for the lesser of two evils). If we don’t get some good people in the hunt next go-round, I may choose to sit it out. I digress.

There Was No Waivering

He stuck around to answer questions as well and what stood out to me is the manner in which he answered them… There was certainty in his answers. He didn’t pull the ol’ bob-and-weave trick to avoid questions. Below are the ones I recall to the best of my knowledge.

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Note: These questions are not the exact questions asked but I’m giving you the flavor of those that were asked based on my memory.

Q: Do you worry about your BRAND being damaged, if so why?
A: No I don’t worry. He went on to say, “Look, if it happens it happens – but I don’t worry about it. I understood it to mean – he would do what he could to prevent that from happening but it’s not something that keeps him awake at night.

Q: Something to the effect of how does he handle being personally attacked. In this case, if people defames him in some way?
A: When someone attacks me, I viciously go after them with everything and they usually go away! Cher attacked me, so I went after her vigorously and she went away… I haven’t heard anything else from her. Rosie O’Donnell came after me once, and she’s gone on to say, that going after Donald was a mistake.

People attack my hair! …and it’s my real hair! Donald pulls back the front part of his hair to show that his hair is in fact his real hair.

Q: Will you run for office?
A: Look, I love what I do. I’d rather be doing what I’m doing than that. I was asked to run for governor, and I said no! There are some good people out there who are very capable. If I don’t see it shaping up the way it should, I will revisit the notion then. This country is starving for LEADERSHIP. I believe in this country and the potential.

Q: What do you do for rest and relaxation?
A: I buy more buildings. (the audience got a chuckle out of this). Mr. Trump says, I really like what I do. I’m not the kind of person to take off and go fishing and not use a phone. I like working.

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That my friend – is why successful people are successful. Success does leave clues…

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