Trusting Twitter To Improve Your Business

Trusting Twitter Automation
I just recently started focusing more on my Twitter account solely for the purposes of getting more leads for my business ultimately. To my surprise, I’ve been very pleased with the results so far…

One of the reasons I came back and started spending more time on Twitter was because I remembered purchasing some software about 3 years ago that I kind of forgot about. So naturally I went into my computer files looking for my paid copy, and low and behold there it was., now 2 updates later.

I had to first go into my saved emails for my activation license to run it which I did. I went through the few steps to update it to the latest version and I was off and running.

What my plan was, is send most of the traffic generated from Twitter over to this free offer site (CPA network) to get that back up to speed like I had back in 2011.

Tweet Adder

Tweet-Adder Passes The Test

As you can see by the chart above, I’m getting more eyes on my offer. So you’ll know, I wasn’t driving this much traffic before using this automated software. If fact, I simply wasn’t pleased with my prior efforts of getting more people over to this specific offer, and this is what prompted me figure something else out.

I’ve made 3 sales, not a huge amount but here’s why I’m bringing this to you. If I stay consistent in this campaign, I will undoubtedly make even more sales – that’s a fact!

Eyes On Your Offer With Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder runs at a preset time that I determine and it runs in the background while I’m focusing on other money generating activities such as connecting with live people daily via chat. (That’s a nother training in itself).

What if you can drive a ton more traffic to your primary offer than you have been so far and doing it automatically? My tweets go out throughout the day as if I was sitting there tweeting myself – but it ain’t me.

I can follow and gain followers the same way, and keeping my Twitter ratios in check effortlessly., all with Tweet Adder. I have a file of over 150 tweets to different businesses, affiliate offers, etc. that go out daily and I’m adding to that list of tweets almost daily. I personally set those tweets to go out in random order as well.


The Tweet Adder Difference

I’ve checked, Tweet Adder seems to be the Twitter tool of choice amongst some top leaders in the industry. I actually bought my copy from David W. over 3 years ago and I saw Ray H. do a training on it a couple years back as well. So it’s not just me.

In fact, I haven’t seen many other competing Twitter tools on the market actually. At least I haven’t noticed anyone promoting anything other than the occasional CB product offer… and who knows what you’ll get with one of those.

If you want to automate your Twitter routine without you in the mix, click the banner above and get your personal copy and start plowing more traffic to whatever it is you’re promoting. I’m glad I did.

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