How Do You Quantify the Growth Of Technology?

Listen, I get excited about the latest and greatest software releases as much as the next guy or gal. But I think there is an unknown trade-off for this excitement that may be unintended.

What I mean by that is there is always a contrary side effect that those of us not privy to the development of these new technologies. Sure it makes our lives better in most all cases, whether it’s saving time, making us safer or simply entertaining us to no end.


  • Wave Division Multiplexing (huh?)
  • Speeds in the megabit per second (then)
  • 1.4 Billion transistors on a single chip supporting 500 gigabit per second (now)
  • Digitizing information into pulses and transmitting them over glass (still don’t get it) read the full article here.

Look, all I’m saying is -is be careful what you wish for because just as easily as we can benefit from tech advances like in this video. The same holds true that someone will find a way (and act on it) to use this stuff for evil.

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