Afraid To Leave My MLM Business After Investing 6 Years Of My Life; Because I Loved The People. Was That The Right Decision?

I was involved with what I truly considered a great company. This company’s product was Financial Services. Even today I can speak well about the company although I’ve been “unplugged” for several years. I still have very good friends still sticking it out for their own reasons.

My decision to get involved with this company in the first place was probably no different from anyone else out there. I sat through a presentation like most of you. It was given by a charismatic speaker who turned out to be a very close friend and an excellent mentor through the years. I witnessed as his income grew significantly year after year. My income however, never quite turned the corner. I still continued to struggle financially. That’s not because of the company, but because of me. It had to be something I was doing – or not doing. I tried everything that was asked of me, I had a top 100 list and added to that, my “chicken list” these are the people that are more successful than you and have a high center of influence in the community that most of us were afraid to call, I talked to my friends and family (well not so much my family). I adopted the infamous 3-foot rule, I got a phone line installed in the back of the office where I cold called right out of the white pages. I started with the
M’s one by one and then I got a hit! This guy turned out to be one of my best team members and friend. Who incidentally is the same guy years later who would marry me to my wife.

It continued with contest after contest, meeting after meeting, big event after big event. Did I get better? Sure, because I committed to the system my upline laid out before me. Besides, this is how he built his business 13+ years before me and it should work for me too, right? Though I kept a great attitude through it all, I was burnt out. I still believed my time would come. One challenge was finding enough people, committed like me who could duplicate my efforts and sustain it long enough to win. I recruited a lot of people in multiple states. I did this for years and it felt like a job.

Now, back to the title of this article, “Did I make the right decision to leave my mlm business after investing 6+ years of my life?”

And the answer is, Yes, For me that was the right decision. I gave it my best for a long time without the results I expected. My wife thinks I gave too much of myself in that business. Let me say again, “My results are not intended to be a poor reflection of the company. The results I had simply meant I needed to do something different. My story may sound familiar to you or experienced something similar yourself before.

Today, I’m in a different Network Marketing company and wow, things are so different today! Turns out leads are not hard to come by at all. In fact, it’s quite easy to generate leads, I’ve found if you’re using the right marketing system. I was using an outdated approach to building my business. I was racing thoroughbreds with an old mule. Those strategies still work today but at a snails pace. There is no way you can compete with someone who is marketing their business online. It was pointed out to me by my good friend Larry, that it’s called “Network Marketing,” I had the Networking pa down. It was the Marketing part that was totally missing. There was never any mention of marketing my our businesses using the internet. Not even
as a joke. Who knew!?

Success on the internet is just one connection away. Prospecting today is about positioning and attracting people to you who are interested in what you have to offer find you instead of you stalking them. The game has definitely changed!

Met Rivers
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