Reflect and Embrace Your Past.. What’s Blocking Your Success?

Gosh, I remember growing up and during the holiday season there would be all these memorable Christmas classics. The one I posted here was embedded in my brain as a child. I was so amazed by these talking puppets with all there mechanical mannerisms.

Now there were a bunch more of these little gems that would come on and my brother and I would rush to watch these shows year after year. The others, with Rudolph, Chris Cringle, and the Snowman to name a few. It’s ok to draw on past experiences to reflect back on for a sense of home, tradition and keepsake. I am often reminded of childhood memories even in my adult life today. My son today would probably be bored if he watched these today, what with Transformers and all.

I can appreciate the past. It has molded me into the person I ultimately am becoming. A man I respect a lot blessed me with a quote that I’ll share with you now. “We Grow Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart”

With that, I’d like to say, “cherrish your past and embrace it. There may be something from your past that is preventing you from the success you deserve today. Address that issue head on, Face it and live your life free from distractions at last.

Your Friend, Met

Take Care

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