Product Reviews

Here’s a compiled list products and services that I have personally reviewed.

Build My List

build my list 2.0 logo

Jimmy Kim is the co-creator of the Build My List system and this is one of my favorites actually. When it gets right down to it, building a list is what will sustain your income for years to come. No matter what niche you choose to be a part of, list building is the underlying core of that niche.

If you’re new to the internet marketing space, BML is a great place to start. Read my full review here. Jimmy takes you from the beginning of building a responsive list to setting up your Sendlane autoresponder email campaigns, to monetizing your list on an ongoing basis.

  • Step-by-step Video Tutorials
  • Preferred resources to set everything up
  • Extremely Low Cost to Entry $47.00
  • Build My List was Developed by Internet Marketers
  • BML Headliner – This is a pretty clever piece of software that generates instant   headlines/subject lines for your emails
  • Daily Power Calls – These calls typically lasts under 30 minutes but they are       motivational in tone designed to inspire you to take action.
  • BML Brander Tool – allows you to brand all the giveaways with your name and     affiliate links

eLister Pro

elister pro 90 second listingse-Commerce is all the rage these days and rightfully so. It’s easy to profit from this niche as well. Also, the tools that are out there on the market makes it easier to run your online stores.

When I started started selling stuff on line, I first reopened my eBay store, then I expanded over to Amazon, then Bonanza which oddly enough is my most active store and finally my Shopify store. Well eLister Pro was created to help you list your items up on eBay very fast!

This tool saved my so much time, it kept me engaged in ecommerce longer. Here’s why, I was excited to sell items on eBay fro profit, but it was taking me a lot of time to get my listings up and ELP solved that issue for me and that’s why I was able to list over 300+ items that without it would have taken the fun out of it for me and I would’ve stopped posting. I’m just being honest. Read my full review here, then pickup a copy of your own.

  1. Product Purchase – There’s not a real need to keep track of asin’s, you can purchase the sold item from inside eLister Pro
  2. Saves You Crazy Time – Right off the top the ELP software will help you collapse time frames.
  3. Copy Protection – makes it impossible to copy and or research your description to reveal who your supplier is.
  4. Embedded Youtube – You now have the option of embedding a Youtube video inside your product description which is something I haven’t seen anywhere else.
  5. Multiple Images – eLister Pro pulls product images direct from the supplier (usually same ones from Amazon)
  6. 90 Second Listings – Now I’m not even gone lie, I ain’t this fast, yet… BUT it can be done nonetheless.
  7. Pro Templates – I’m really starting to like my professionally designed eBay listings. Before I didn’t concern myself with templates but now that I got them, I going to keep using them.

4 Corners Alliance Group

4 corners logo

This company proudly proclaims that this opportunity is Worldwide and reason they settled on the name “4Corners” is because they reach as far as the four corners of the world. That’s pretty clever I have to admit. They pay commissions out on a weekly basis which you have to love! If you like financial services and I do, you’ll see the benefits of joining them.

Unique Product Line

Financial Literacy products are the product line of choice for Four Corners Alliance Group., something everyone needs for sure. With all the many new products coming to market in the health and wellness, technology, consumables niches, learning how to handle your money may first appear to be the least “sexy”. However, given the state of this economy over the past several years – most everyone needs more education when it comes to their money.

Four Corners Alliance Group is geared more for those interested more in the MLM concept. I also did a full review on this company here as well. The cool thing about this is, it’s only $18.00 to get involved. Go check out what this company is about from the link above.

Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO Global Virtual OpportunitesGVO as it’s more readily known as is basically an internet marketing tool suite. From autoresponder, of which I’ve been using solely for the past 4 years., to a video producer, domain registrar, video conferencing, blogger builder and a host of other cool marketing must haves.

I like Global Virtual Opportunites because the offer an alternative to the more expensive tool suites out on the market though they’re getting better as competition finds it’s way. This is I think the first review I ever did when I first came online so it’s a little rough around the edges but the information is still relevant today. Read it here.