Don’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect

Yesterday I had the pleasure of bumping into who I consider a mentor (who’s done it!) and as someone I will continue to rub elbows with. This guy is clearly one of those people you meet in life that just makes crap happen.

This video he just did says it all and I recommend you look at it – it’s a short but powerful one all the same. You see some of the things I’ve learned from David Sharpe I still recall even today. …anyway, your life will be better by following him online. Just my opinion.

Is David making sense in his view? I think so.

Most people including may “say” that they’re working on or “in” their business, when in reality, aren’t doing ALL that we can do to reach that very attainable goal. I’ve adopted a saying that goes -“We can always do more” not only is that true, but it serves as a reminder to me that there is more that I can do!

Leave a comment below if you feel led to. I’ll see you on the next post.

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Freedompop Review of Completly Free Cell Phone Plan 2015

Freedompop Review 2015 Part 2 My Thoughts After Four Months Use

As for the Freedompop Hub Burst (home internet) service, I just knew the service wouldn’t work for me based on the many $10 “top-offs” they kept hitting my account for… So based on the frequency of those occurrences, this was going to be an expensive WIFI try!

To be fair to Freedompop – It could be that I didn’t fully understand what I was buying as far as the amount of service I would be getting. I find that hard to believe. This ain’t my first rodeo. Not to mention, it took like 17 days or so to get the stupid thing! They neglected to just be up front with how long it would take to get to me by mail because the Hub Bursts are on “Back Order!” What an inconvenience this turned out to be!

UFC Bombshell Just Announced

Jon "Bones" Jones

Jon “Bones” Jones

As some of you know, I love to watch MMA fighting whenever there’s a huge card scheduled. Well today, I was alerted to the fact that Jon “Bones” Jones was stripped of his Light Heavyweight title INDEFINITELY due to something that happened over the weekend. Read original article here…

Why you ask? Well apparently he was involved in a hit and run over the weekend. I guess that in itself ain’t the end of the world, but it does become a big deal when you try to elude the police!-Allegedly. Listen to this… he then turned himself into authorities later on a felony charge in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This Sucks!

Anthony "Rumble" JohnsonYeh, this all sucks for me because he was scheduled to fight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in a few days. If you don’t know who this dude is., where you been!? Anthony has been knocking fools out in most all his fights and is also undefeated. As a consolation, Daniel Cormier will now take Jon Jones’ place. This may be a decent fight and there’s a good chance that Cormier will be going to sleep this weekend! That’s my prediction.

The Daniel and Jones fight was kinda week to me. Jones did win but Daniel really didn’t do much in that fight to me despite the top billing!

Daniel Cormier However, having said all that… I will be front and center on this upcoming fight on Saturday between Cormier and Johnson!

Leave your comments below and let me know your prediction.


Data Breaches – The Prevailing View Doesn’t Bode Well For The Consumer

I’m sure you’re all aware that hacking has become a household name now in this tech age we live in today. Apparently, no one, not even the government is hack proof!

I stumbled upon a WSJ article this week that talks about how executives are now discussing the need to even report any breaches altogether. Yep, you heard me…

Image courtesy of:

Some executives are debating the whole letting the public know if their information has been exposed to a cyberattack. Their argument stems around the fact that not all company documents are rise to the level of being valuable to the point that it needs to be aired out.

On the face of it – I can kinda see the point made here… but

In the same sentence they say that, “credit card numbers may be exposed but never stolen, or stolen but never used.” WHAT!? …see this is why I said “but” just a minute ago, because this very approach leaves the doors open to decieving the public!

Their Argument

These execs are saying that going public could expose weaknesses that could be expoited by others. HELLO! That’s exactly what needs to be known! Their argument here  doesn’t hold water.

How can you fix a problem if you don’t know where the problem lies? ijs

Reading deeper into this story I find that in a “closed door” meeting of the National Association of Corporate Directors – the question arose about the value of disclosing hacks, against the negative publicity that would stem from the awareness.

Image by:

Going Public on Data Breaches

Let’s also take into account that by these companies going public about their failure to protect our information can (and will more than likely) be used against them in litigation. I say, let the lawsuits reign. Why not?

Am I supposed to suffer because you don’t want to spend the necessary capital in the beginning to put into place the fail-safes needed knowing that in this day and age, hackers exist?

The Surprising Numbers

Is there cause for alarm? Well, when you factor in the fact that not every state requires customers to be notified of data thefts leads me to believe that of course alarm is warranted. btw… only 47 states have this mandate.

Why isn’t that number 100%?

That’s my take on Data Breaches today and there will no doubt be more of them happening on smaller and larger scales now and in the future. The only thing I can suggest is that we all be as careful with our information as possible. Especially when we so freely enter our personal stuff online more and more.

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Trusting Twitter To Improve Your Business

Trusting Twitter Automation
I just recently started focusing more on my Twitter account solely for the purposes of getting more leads for my business ultimately. To my surprise, I’ve been very pleased with the results so far…

One of the reasons I came back and started spending more time on Twitter was because I remembered purchasing some software about 3 years ago that I kind of forgot about. So naturally I went into my computer files looking for my paid copy, and low and behold there it was., now 2 updates later.

I had to first go into my saved emails for my activation license to run it which I did. I went through the few steps to update it to the latest version and I was off and running.

What my plan was, is send most of the traffic generated from Twitter over to this free offer site (CPA network) to get that back up to speed like I had back in 2011.

Tweet Adder

Tweet-Adder Passes The Test

As you can see by the chart above, I’m getting more eyes on my offer. So you’ll know, I wasn’t driving this much traffic before using this automated software. If fact, I simply wasn’t pleased with my prior efforts of getting more people over to this specific offer, and this is what prompted me figure something else out.

I’ve made 3 sales, not a huge amount but here’s why I’m bringing this to you. If I stay consistent in this campaign, I will undoubtedly make even more sales – that’s a fact!

Eyes On Your Offer With Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder runs at a preset time that I determine and it runs in the background while I’m focusing on other money generating activities such as connecting with live people daily via chat. (That’s a nother training in itself).

What if you can drive a ton more traffic to your primary offer than you have been so far and doing it automatically? My tweets go out throughout the day as if I was sitting there tweeting myself – but it ain’t me.

I can follow and gain followers the same way, and keeping my Twitter ratios in check effortlessly., all with Tweet Adder. I have a file of over 150 tweets to different businesses, affiliate offers, etc. that go out daily and I’m adding to that list of tweets almost daily. I personally set those tweets to go out in random order as well.


The Tweet Adder Difference

I’ve checked, Tweet Adder seems to be the Twitter tool of choice amongst some top leaders in the industry. I actually bought my copy from David W. over 3 years ago and I saw Ray H. do a training on it a couple years back as well. So it’s not just me.

In fact, I haven’t seen many other competing Twitter tools on the market actually. At least I haven’t noticed anyone promoting anything other than the occasional CB product offer… and who knows what you’ll get with one of those.

If you want to automate your Twitter routine without you in the mix, click the banner above and get your personal copy and start plowing more traffic to whatever it is you’re promoting. I’m glad I did.

If you’ve gained value from this post on Tweet-Adder please share it.

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Ebola Virus – Can It Be Contained?

Ebola causes an extremely severe hemorrhagic fever in humans and other primates. Look, I don’t know all the medical and scientific specifics of this virus. What I do know is that The Ebola virus is DEADLY. This virus is known to kill as many as 90% of those infected.        If you want the definition go here: What is Ebola Virus?

There is currently a breakout of this deadly virus in West Africa now. They are having big time issues containing this outbreak apparently. So much so, neighboring Liberia has closed most of it’s borders into their country help prevent the spread of this infectious disease. Now this spread has been going on 5 months and has already infected over 1200 people.

Ebola Kills 672 And Counting

Of course we here in the U.S. have nothing to be concerned with because the CDC says the health risks are low… Besides it’s all the way over there – right?

First of all, I wouldn’t trust any information this government puts out when it comes to health concerns! Secondly, are you trying to tell me no one has traveled from West Africa to the United States in the past 6 months!? Please. Two U.S. heath care workers that work in this area have also been infected. Ahh Not Good!

So the CDC based in Atlanta has issued a health alert to U.S. healthcare professionals, “to be on the lookout for patients who have traveled to West Africa recently and show signs of being infected.” They have also issued a level 2 travel notice warning us to avoid contact with the blood and bodily fluids of anyone infected. My guess is this will get elevated to higher level at some point. Later rather than sooner because we all know how poor this government is at reacting quickly to things.


Image by:

Symptoms of the Ebola Virus:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Joint and muscle aches
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Lack of appetite

Some may experience

  • A Rash
  • Red Eyes
  • Hiccups
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Bleeding inside and outside of the body

Ebola Virus ImageSymptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to Ebola virus though 8-10 days is most common.

Some who become sick with Ebola HF are able to recover, while others do not. The reasons behind this are not yet fully understood. However, it is known that patients who die usually have not developed a significant immune response to the virus at the time of death. [Read original article here].

 Image by:

Listen, make no mistake about it, this IS an epidemic! Let’s see how long it takes to be dubbed as such…

Suspicions of Western Medicine

There is an underlying story to all this pointed out in the WSJ article. This is worth reading today, especially towards the end of the article there are some very interesting undertones mentioned that I wouldn’t have much reason not to believe.

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Ebola Virus article
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McDonald’s Fatigue

McDonald’s is and has always (as long as I can remember) been a household name. This is obviously a global company with thousands upon thousands of outlets around the world. Having said that, McDonald’s continues to have it’s woes when it comes to keeping the “brand” clear of scandal.

I just read part of an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning about a China meat supplier has been selling expired meat and chicken to YUM brands a.k.a. McDonald’s|KFC.


There’s no escaping the fact that I pretty much grew up with McDonald’s being the top fast food of choice where I lived in North Philadelphia. They were indeed the number one choice when my friends and I had the munchies. “Yo, let’s walk up to Mckie D’s!”

Nowadays however, I’ve noticed McDonald’s has long slipped way down my list of cravings. If I had to guess, I would say about 15 years ago maybe longer when I began thinking more about how healthy or unhealthy I’ve been eating… my desire for McDonald’s decreased substantially. It may pop into my head in the beginning but almost immediately, my thinking goes into, “what are my other choices”.

McDonald's FatigueMcDonald’s just doesn’t do it for me anymore, and hasn’t for a long time.

Now if I have my son with me – that may be where we’ll end up but since I’ve introduced him to Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s isn’t on his radar either UNLESS, there’s a cool movie coming out and he wants to get the most popular toy there.

Listen, I don’t this doesn’t spell disaster for Mckie D’s by a long shot, but you have to admit, every time they try cleaning up the bad news, something else pops up and this time it’s no small thing that can be so easily ignored by the consumer.

I welcome you thoughts on this topic or what good or bad experiences you’ve had with the McDonald brand below…

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Daily Paycheck Network – Cool Conduit Program

Daily Paycheck Network

I remember not long after I got started online; I bounced from place to place, clicking on everything. Every flashy sales page, every cool video that I stumbled upon. (No pun intended). Sometime in 2011 I was introduced to CPA marketing and one in particular I had early success with. This is what today’s post is about., The Daily Paycheck Network.

What Is The Daily Paycheck Network?

Once I matured a bit in my marketing, I moved on to other enterprising things and simply left this program alone. Only recently I revisited this system to help others get started in their online marketing careers. This is cool because:

  • You can get started without spending any money.
  • No experience is needed – anyone can do it.
  • Training is provided – also at no cost.
  • You get a complete marketing system including capture pages and autoresponder.

Daily Paycheck Network

The original marketing system I started with is no longer around, but there are always others popping up. Daily Paycheck Network is the most recent one to come online. I really like this one in particular because it has a built in option that leads into my primary business which you all know is Empower Network.

You don’t have to join my business to benefit from this program, that’s optional. All one has to do in click the link to get started.

Once you register that’s it – you’re qualified for life to promote this opportunity. My buddy Steve W. is the creator of this new updated system.

I was chatting with Steve yesterday because he wanted me to give him some feedback on it after testing it and taking it for a spin. I found nothing wrong with the way it functions. All the links and tagging features with you’re user name works! After testing it all my pages (even the ones I redirected) all populated the way they were supposed to.

I Don’t Have The Money

Have you ever gotten the excuse, “I don’t have the money?” I have too, this eliminates that one completely since it doesn’t cost anything to join. So, what if you led someone to (DPN) – Daily Paycheck Network early in there online journey or a seasoned marketer for that matter, and they went on to share this system with others who are just as new? Think of all the lives that would be touched by the simple act of sharing this…

Daily Paycheck Network

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Has Your Home Become A Teenage Assisted Living Facility?







  1. Raised your kids as best you could… check!
  2. Graduated High School… check!
  3. Went off to college (some yes, some no)… check!
  4. They have jobs and are out of the house… ahh nope!

collegeof the ozarksOdds are they can’t afford to step out on they’re own because of the student loan debt that was racked up over the previous 4-6+ years. It’s not their fault, nor yours for that matter. It’s the “state of the economy” we’re in today. College, Job, Retire is no longer the norm anymore! Heck, just 6 short years ago, gas was averaging $1.87/gal.! …sure was.

As a side note – at The College of The Ozarks, the students pay no tuition. They actually pay their tuition by trading work for tuition, even during the summers.
This is an amazing concept! Some college degrees aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if the recipient of that degree is unable to find a decent job in my opinion.

Hey here’s something young adults can do for extra money since they’re going to be online anyways… Click here for more info.

College kids are able to receive food stamps for God’s sake! What kind of crap is that! Really?

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What Do You Do With 70K Emails? Facebook Solution

I’ll answer that question in a moment but now… “In The News!”

Well it seems that Obama doesn’t like the way our government works (he never did) so he’s going to ONCE AGAIN bypass congress on this immigration issue. Rather than enforcing the laws we already have on the books that have been there for years., and simply closing our borders – he’s choosing to ignore the will of the people and use executive privileges to remake America!

Thank GOD we have term limits!

On to GM… GM used to be on my good list, but now they have totally lost “Cool Points” with me on this recall matter. Apparently, they have recalled ANOTHER 8.5 million vehicles due to this faulty ignition switch! For one, they knew about it and did nothing (much like our open borders) and two – they are going to pay these unknowing victims like $1 million for each fatality and something like $300K to dependents of the victim. READ IT HERE…

Facebook Solution

Typical email clients will not allow you to mail out bulk emails at a high rate so what do you do? Besides that, people do that wrong by slamming every email address in the “to” section vs. the “bcc:” (blind carbon copy)  section so that every recipient you mailed to doesn’t see the other 50+ people you mailed at the same time.

This is an awesome “fix” to this problem that stymies most… Click Here To See It !!


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