I Prefer Big Band Music

If I had to choose between the Big Band music of the 20’s and the music I hear on the radio waves nowadays, I’d have to choose the first one.

The music of the 20’s era seemed to be ALIVE to me! They were real musicians.

Now of course I wasn’t around then, but I can listen to that style of music just as readily as I can today’s crap I hear whenever I turn on the radio which is not alot. It’s just something about it that moves me.

What Class They Had

Man – back then suites and ties were the standard. That should tell you something about how far we’ve fallen in the area of self respect. Today’s vulgar generation is all about shock and awe and how foul can we be? Of course they play the “sex card” like it’s running out of style.

Today, I see so little professionalism in many of today’s artists. Maybe it’s just a sign of the times but old hat, it’s all been done before. Nothing surprises me with today’s musicians.

There’s nothing the Beiber’s, the Lohans, The Kanye’s, or the Madonna’s can do that could bring my attention on them unless they flat out kill somebody on stage.

There Really Is No Comparison

Music is music sure it is, but I would good money to see a Count Basie Orchestra or a Duke Ellington, Dexter Gordon. These guys came a little later, but this is what I’m talking about. There’s a far less chance of me getting shot too!

I can appreciate this myself. Just thought I’d share…





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