How To Stop Game Requests In Facebook

Are you just as annoyed as I am to getting bombarded with game requests on Facebook? In this post I show you two easy ways to finally stop game requests in Facebook.

Method Number 1 To Stopping Game Requests in Facebook

How To STOP Game Requests In Facebook

Once you’re logged into your Facebook account, click the down arrow located at the top right of the page. Next, scroll down and click “Settings.” Look over to the right hand side of the screen and look for the heading that says “Blocking” and click on it. How To STOP Game Requests In Facebook This will bring you to the Manage Blocking page of your Facebook back office. What you need to bring your attention to on this page is the “Block app invites” and “Block apps”

  1.  In the “block apps invites” section, simply type in the name of the person’s name that you no longer wish to receive game invites from.

How To STOP Game Requests In FacebookRemember that Stopping Game Requests In Facebook using these strategies., These actions can be undone at anytimel

  1. In the “block apps” section, just type in the name of the app that you no longer want to get invites from. Once you do this, no one should be able to send you an invite for because you’re actually blocking the entire app itself.

How To STOP Game Requests In Facebook

Method Number 2 To Stopping Game Requests in Facebook

How To STOP Game Requests In Facebook
Another way to stop game requests in Facebook is to click on the “Home” tab at the top of your Facebook page. From here, scroll all the way down the left side of your home page until you see the “Games” icon which is located under the “Apps” heading. How To STOP Game Requests In FacebookIt should look something like this. Go ahead and click on “Games” and it will take you over to a page titled the “App Center.” How To STOP Game Requests In Facebook

If you look about midway down the page on the left hand side you will see “Requests” How To STOP Game Requests In Facebook. You guessed it, click on “Requests” and it loads up a page of all the REQUESTS you’ve gotten. As you can see, I too am abused by a ton of requests. Here it’s just a matter of clicking the “X” next the game request. Once you do this you will get a choice of what level of blockage you want to apply for that game app.

How To STOP Game Requests In FacebookAs you can see by the example above, you can either block the app or block the friend from ever sending you another request from this specific app.

Choose Wisely…

  •  If you choose to block the game, NO ONE will be able to send you a request from that particular game anymore. NOTE: when blocking friend requests from friends – doesn’t actually block that friend altogether., you will still be friends as you have been. (You’re only blocking game invites.)
  • By choosing ignore all requests from a particular friend, that friend can no longer send it to your again. HOWEVER, this does not stop other friends from sending you an invite from that same game unless you block that game entirely.

Rinse And Repeat These Steps To Stop Game Requests In Facebook

Just repeat the same process as needed to free your life of these annoying game invites! I guess if I were still a teen, this wouldn’t be bothersome to me at all. …but I hung up the sticks years ago. I only play to pass the time with my son who can’t get enough of handheld games now.

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