Has Your Home Become A Teenage Assisted Living Facility?







  1. Raised your kids as best you could… check!
  2. Graduated High School… check!
  3. Went off to college (some yes, some no)… check!
  4. They have jobs and are out of the house… ahh nope!

collegeof the ozarksOdds are they can’t afford to step out on they’re own because of the student loan debt that was racked up over the previous 4-6+ years. It’s not their fault, nor yours for that matter. It’s the “state of the economy” we’re in today. College, Job, Retire is no longer the norm anymore! Heck, just 6 short years ago, gas was averaging $1.87/gal.! …sure was.

As a side note – at The College of The Ozarks, the students pay no tuition. They actually pay their tuition by trading work for tuition, even during the summers.
This is an amazing concept! Some college degrees aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if the recipient of that degree is unable to find a decent job in my opinion.

Hey here’s something young adults can do for extra money since they’re going to be online anyways… Click here for more info.

College kids are able to receive food stamps for God’s sake! What kind of crap is that! Really?

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