Freedompop Review of Completly Free Cell Phone Plan 2015

Freedompop Review 2015 Part 2 My Thoughts After Four Months Use

As for the Freedompop Hub Burst (home internet) service, I just knew the service wouldn’t work for me based on the many $10 “top-offs” they kept hitting my account for… So based on the frequency of those occurrences, this was going to be an expensive WIFI try!

To be fair to Freedompop – It could be that I didn’t fully understand what I was buying as far as the amount of service I would be getting. I find that hard to believe. This ain’t my first rodeo. Not to mention, it took like 17 days or so to get the stupid thing! They neglected to just be up front with how long it would take to get to me by mail because the Hub Bursts are on “Back Order!” What an inconvenience this turned out to be!

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