Eyeball Tattooing, Say What?

eyeball tattooing

Image: courtesy of Tumbler.com

Yep, eyeball tattooing is all the rage now! (Not in my circles). You have to bee some kind of fool to trust somebody enough to have them tattoo your eyeballs!

You couldn’t pay me enough willingly sit still for someone put poke my eyeballs with a needle and ink. That’s just me.

As you can imagine, not all of these procedures, thought legal at the time of this writing, haven’t all come out in a positive way. Before this morning, I didn’t know people were actually getting this done. I thought it was all an illusion created with contact lenses.

What I’ve read so far, there’s not one doctor giving the thumbs up to this trend. …And that’s what it is in my opinion -a trend.

Image: courtesy of bbc

Image: courtesy of bbc

Look, to be honest, I could’ve posted some pretty exotic photos that are far more extreme that the one’s you see above. In fact to read the full article I found go here.

There Is No Going Back

I’ll admit, some of them look cool to me., but there’s no evidence on the long term effects of having this done to your eyes.

Once you elect to do this… meaning, you give the “green light” that’s it! You can’t take it back. There are no do-overs!

Go back and read the original article. After you do that, answer this question for me or simply leave your thoughts or comments below.

Here’s the question: Would you yourself have your eyeballs tattooed? Better yet, if you’re a parent, would you allow your teenager to do it? -Or would you forbid it?

There’s really no wrong answer. Society may frown upon it, but this is still America and you can do whatever you want.

Image: courtesy of notey.com

Ok, I posted another for the road.


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