Don’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect

Yesterday I had the pleasure of bumping into who I consider a mentor (who’s done it!) and as someone I will continue to rub elbows with. This guy is clearly one of those people you meet in life that just makes crap happen.

This video he just did says it all and I recommend you look at it – it’s a short but powerful one all the same. You see some of the things I’ve learned from David Sharpe I still recall even today. …anyway, your life will be better by following him online. Just my opinion.

Is David making sense in his view? I think so.

Most people including may “say” that they’re working on or “in” their business, when in reality, aren’t doing ALL that we can do to reach that very attainable goal. I’ve adopted a saying that goes -“We can always do more” not only is that true, but it serves as a reminder to me that there is more that I can do!

Leave a comment below if you feel led to. I’ll see you on the next post.

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