Data Breaches – The Prevailing View Doesn’t Bode Well For The Consumer

I’m sure you’re all aware that hacking has become a household name now in this tech age we live in today. Apparently, no one, not even the government is hack proof!

I stumbled upon a WSJ article this week that talks about how executives are now discussing the need to even report any breaches altogether. Yep, you heard me…

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Some executives are debating the whole letting the public know if their information has been exposed to a cyberattack. Their argument stems around the fact that not all company documents are rise to the level of being valuable to the point that it needs to be aired out.

On the face of it – I can kinda see the point made here… but

In the same sentence they say that, “credit card numbers may be exposed but never stolen, or stolen but never used.” WHAT!? …see this is why I said “but” just a minute ago, because this very approach leaves the doors open to decieving the public!

Their Argument

These execs are saying that going public could expose weaknesses that could be expoited by others. HELLO! That’s exactly what needs to be known! Their argument here  doesn’t hold water.

How can you fix a problem if you don’t know where the problem lies? ijs

Reading deeper into this story I find that in a “closed door” meeting of the National Association of Corporate Directors – the question arose about the value of disclosing hacks, against the negative publicity that would stem from the awareness.

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Going Public on Data Breaches

Let’s also take into account that by these companies going public about their failure to protect our information can (and will more than likely) be used against them in litigation. I say, let the lawsuits reign. Why not?

Am I supposed to suffer because you don’t want to spend the necessary capital in the beginning to put into place the fail-safes needed knowing that in this day and age, hackers exist?

The Surprising Numbers

Is there cause for alarm? Well, when you factor in the fact that not every state requires customers to be notified of data thefts leads me to believe that of course alarm is warranted. btw… only 47 states have this mandate.

Why isn’t that number 100%?

That’s my take on Data Breaches today and there will no doubt be more of them happening on smaller and larger scales now and in the future. The only thing I can suggest is that we all be as careful with our information as possible. Especially when we so freely enter our personal stuff online more and more.

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