Ernestine Shepherd A Living Legend

Ask yourself, why haven’t I heard of this world record holder? I’ll tell you, when I found this story contained in this video I felt many emotions come over me.

When I think about the amazing accomplishment she captured at the age she captured it, I had absolutely no room for my many excuses as to why I haven’t achieved some of my more attainable goals.

Needless to say, I have a renewed sense of “Yes I Can!” Mrs. Ernestine’s story inspired me to do more!

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How Do You Quantify the Growth Of Technology?

Listen, I get excited about the latest and greatest software releases as much as the next guy or gal. But I think there is an unknown trade-off for this excitement that may be unintended.

What I mean by that is there is always a contrary side effect that those of us not privy to the development of these new technologies. Sure it makes our lives better in most all cases, whether it’s saving time, making us safer or simply entertaining us to no end.


  • Wave Division Multiplexing (huh?)
  • Speeds in the megabit per second (then)
  • 1.4 Billion transistors on a single chip supporting 500 gigabit per second (now)
  • Digitizing information into pulses and transmitting them over glass (still don’t get it) read the full article here.

Look, all I’m saying is -is be careful what you wish for because just as easily as we can benefit from tech advances like in this video. The same holds true that someone will find a way (and act on it) to use this stuff for evil.

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3 Proven Ways To Grow Your Network Marketing Business Using The Internet

If network marketing is your preferred business model then you must read this article. The 3rd strategy was the eye-opening piece of information I read nearly 6 years ago that changed everything for my understanding of this whole MMo thing.

recruitment keyboard

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Eyeball Tattooing, Say What?

eyeball tattooing

Image: courtesy of

Yep, eyeball tattooing is all the rage now! (Not in my circles). You have to bee some kind of fool to trust somebody enough to have them tattoo your eyeballs!

You couldn’t pay me enough willingly sit still for someone put poke my eyeballs with a needle and ink. That’s just me.

As you can imagine, not all of these procedures, thought legal at the time of this writing, haven’t all come out in a positive way. Before this morning, I didn’t know people were actually getting this done. I thought it was all an illusion created with contact lenses.

What I’ve read so far, there’s not one doctor giving the thumbs up to this trend. …And that’s what it is in my opinion -a trend.

Image: courtesy of bbc

Image: courtesy of bbc

Look, to be honest, I could’ve posted some pretty exotic photos that are far more extreme that the one’s you see above. In fact to read the full article I found go here.

There Is No Going Back

I’ll admit, some of them look cool to me., but there’s no evidence on the long term effects of having this done to your eyes.

Once you elect to do this… meaning, you give the “green light” that’s it! You can’t take it back. There are no do-overs!

Go back and read the original article. After you do that, answer this question for me or simply leave your thoughts or comments below.

Here’s the question: Would you yourself have your eyeballs tattooed? Better yet, if you’re a parent, would you allow your teenager to do it? -Or would you forbid it?

There’s really no wrong answer. Society may frown upon it, but this is still America and you can do whatever you want.

Image: courtesy of

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Trump Said…

Donald Trump, ForbesWhere ever Donald Trump goes, you can probably bet that he’ll say something that may offend some people one way or another. You may not like his politics, heck, you may not like him! But one thing is for certain – Trump knows how to win!

…Trump knows SUCCESS

I myself happen to be somewhat of a fan of this guy because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and more importantly, Donald Trump is where I want to be financially.

Today as I write this email, Donald Trump is running for the presidency. By the looks of it, he just may win. I ain’t got no idea if he will or not. What I do know is this guy has a propensity for winning!

Who knows what this country will be like if he does…

My point is., Success Leaves Clues! AND, if you want to be successful at anything in life, you have to do what successful people do. Email marketing is no different. If you want to become a successful email marketer, you should follow someone who has mastered it like my good friend Jimmy.

Drone Think I Didn’t Warn You

Drone registration

Image by:

Drones are cool. I used to fly them before they got all fancy in stuff. My son Michael even got the hang of flying one when he was 5 years old. They’re a lot of fun. In fact, the ones we fly were the RC airplanes, then we gravitated to helos.

I had to return most all of them because they broke so easily. Even with the reciept, the time it takes to go get a new replacement wasn’t worht the hassle. I suspect they’re built a lot better these days…

Drone Registration – Should You Do It?

There’s a saying, “All good things must come to and end.” This is probably true in this stoy because the FAA that’s right – the government now wants all of these flying contraptions registered by January 20, 2016.

That’s right, If it weighs under 1/2 pound, it’s gotta be registered!

On the face of it, this reaks of “Big Brother” but on the other side of this thing is a safety concern. You know the whole “terrorist” thing. You can go on Youtube right now and see videos of people getting clocked in the face by one of these things gone wild. Not to mention all the privacy issues that come into play here as well.

How about we address the above question on whether you should register or not. Well that would depend on how deep your pockets are. These people crazy!

Specifically, the FAA may hit you with a civil fine up to $27,500. Criminal penalties, meanwhile, include fines that can go as high as $250,000 and the threat of “imprisonment for up to three years.”

Met Rivers
“We Can Always Do More!”

Why Shopify and eCommerce Are Blazing Hot

Well, unless you’ve been sticking your toe into the MLM and Network Marketing niche and struggling beyond measure over the past few years., you may have not become aware of the ecommerce business arena though it’s been here all along.

Whether it’s Amazon, eBay, Bonanza or Shopify to list some of the more well known platforms out there today. My most recent experience with Shopify in particular has yielded some pretty interesting and eye opening results. Check out this quick video below.

Right now I’m diving more into the metrics of Facebook Ads Manager where all the fun starts. Once you get a hang of targeting your specific audience then scaling your ads from there is your next step.

To learn more about Shopify click here.

Gotbackup – A Story Of Humble Beginings

I’m always inspired by reading other success stories. I’ve been associated with this company from a business standpoint for 5 years and never heard Joel’s story… I’ve made thousands by using their marketing tool suite. Then J.T. goes and launches this =>

Gotbackup Unlimited Online Backup

I went through a learning curve, just as I will have to do with Gotbackup UNLIMITED, but the curve is a small one. You download it and in under 5 minutes all your data is protected and if you’re smart – you’ll also get paid 100% commissions by going this route.

Click Here for GotBackup.


Selling on Shopify with Facebook Ads & Paid Traffic

Total eCom Domination Review

Wow! That’s what I have to say about this brand new Shopify course that I’ve been going through. So far, it’s very in depth step by step training videos that you follow along from gitty-up to whoa!


Here’s an snapshot of my shopify store I just created and now I’m on to the Facebook ads module that is showing me how to set up a laser targeted Facebook ad. All I’m doing is following along with the video tutorials. header image

They even show you where to get your store logo done on the cheap! This course is centered around the dropshipping method with one huge caveat. For beginners, you’ll be learning right of the back the “Free + Shipping” model, which I never knew how that was possible until now.

Pick up the best Shopify training course available anywhere in my opinion here.

I’ll keep you posted on my results.


Don’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect

Yesterday I had the pleasure of bumping into who I consider a mentor (who’s done it!) and as someone I will continue to rub elbows with. This guy is clearly one of those people you meet in life that just makes crap happen.

This video he just did says it all and I recommend you look at it – it’s a short but powerful one all the same. You see some of the things I’ve learned from David Sharpe I still recall even today. …anyway, your life will be better by following him online. Just my opinion.

Is David making sense in his view? I think so.

Most people including may “say” that they’re working on or “in” their business, when in reality, aren’t doing ALL that we can do to reach that very attainable goal. I’ve adopted a saying that goes -“We can always do more” not only is that true, but it serves as a reminder to me that there is more that I can do!

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