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Nothing is sweeter than logging in and seeing your site sitting high atop the rankings of Google’s first page . The uninitiated who land on our strategically placed links have no idea on the amount of pre-planning and time it took to have it show up right at that specific spot. When it comes to getting your sites indexed and ranked on Google fast, do you really want to slave over a keyboard exhausting tons of valuable time logging into and submitting your links to potentially hundreds of ping sites and directories? The answer is No! As important as this technique is, you don’t want to spend all day doing this off page SEO stuff. There are more profitable things to do.

Another alternative is to outsource this tedious work and you will have entered the realm of the ultra successful. A business decision worthy of praise from you peers.

Build 25 Quality Backlinks Absolutely Free!

I hope I got my point across that doing this task yourself isn’t the best use of your time. However, with every challenge there is always, always a solution. There is an answer to your SEO woes (if you’re doing the backlinking yourself) it’s called Social Monkee. This is an instant backlink builder that allows you to build 25 unique quality backlinks everyday for FREE! These aren’t just any backlinks, these are C-Class IP backlinks.

What This Means:

  • C-Class IP Hosting – For Googgle to count them as a unique link, they have to be on unique IP addresses. The reason for the C-Class uniqueness is to show that they are very unique, thus the quality.
  • Only indexed links even count as backlinks

I’ve Used Social Monkee On Only Two Sites To Date And Both Are On The First Page Of Google Above The Fold!

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..OR, if you want to get this product for free, simply refer 12 people like yourself to try it out for themselves. The FREE version of Social Monkee let’s you create 25 instant backlinks at no cost. That’s right, no cost for anyone to do this. And as I always say, “FREE is better than cheap.”

The breakdown looks something like this. As a free member you can submit once a day to 25 sites.

25 backlinks/day = 175 backlinks/week = 750 backlinks/month.

But if you upgrade to the premium account (One time fee). You can submit to 100  unique sites 3 times a day!

300 backlinks/day = 2100 backlinks/week = 8400 backlinks/month. Using a short month.

Premium account members

Also get a feed created for each project and has access to the reports. You actually get an advanced training video showing you how to submit those feeds as well which gets you faster indexing and higher rankings in the search engines. This couldn’t be easier. You simply log into the members area and submit your URL, or a much faster way is to download the Social Monkee Firefox plugin and click the “Sumbit URL” button to generate your 25 unique backlinks. How cool is that!?

It’s time you start experiencing what high search engine rankings feels like too..

Submit your  content Every Day to 25 social  bookmarking sites, all on unique  C class IPs... FREE.

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What Do You Think?

There’s an old phrase that I heard years ago., I don’t know who the author of this quote is but it stuck with me all this time.

The quote I’m referring to is “Yell to the world what you’re going to do, but first do it.” This quote can mean a lot of different things depending on how you read it personally. Now, have you ever been around certain people who always talks about what they did in the past as if to brag on their past accomplishments? Then you fast forward to today and they have absolutely nothing going on but keeps reminding everyone how great they use to be.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m hating. Let’s keep this in perspective. I can applaud and appreciate any one’s previous successes. In fact, I love to hear about them – that gives me motivation. It’s the manner in which you do it that is key here. Are you doing this tastefully, or are you turning everyone off to the point that people purposely avoid you?

That above phrase to me means, Hit that big goal first, then share it with us and we’ll help you pat yourself on the back. You cannot tell us all these lofty goals you have when even you know you’re sitting at home watching the court TV, and not making any follow up calls. Heck, you’re not even prospecting consistently. So save it! Put up or Shut up!

As Mark Yarnell says, “The proof is in the printout.” You’ll find that phrase and ton’s of other can’t miss information in his book titled – “Your First Year in Network Marketing

OK, before you jump all over my case, all the characters in this blog post that you just put a face to :o) are all fictional. This blog was written as a subtle reminder to myself and as a wake up call to others that needed to be reminded as well to First “Do It” then, celebrate. Because when you win, the team wins and we will cheer you onto the finish line as loud as we can.

P.S. I would encourage you to suggest this book to every new person you sponsor onto your team. Ray Higdon the number one income earner in his primary company also suggests that too.

Take Care,