Because of my Quest to make a better life for myself and my family, I was introduced fortunately to a guy named Jimmy Davis who opened my eyes to the possibilities of Social Media Marketing. If used properly, it could be a great addition to your pursuit of true financial freedom. Let me explain how this kind of marketing can be used to network with others, and help those new to online marketing  just as I was early on in my marketing career.

My goal is to have the same impact on other people’s lives who have dreamed and are still dreaming of building their home based businesses to a point where it is replacing their full-time incomes from working 40+ hours/week for someone else’s dreams. I was once where you are. My journey continues to this day and I don’t think I will ever stop doing what I love doing, which is my pursuit to generating upwards to 30-50 targeted leads online for free everyday!

This may be what your business is lacking and that’s what I can show you how-to do. If you don’t have a marketing system in place that does the above on auto-pilot, then you are leaving a lot of opportunity for the growth for your business by the way-side.

Keeping in mind, with the internet the world is now your backyard. I recommend reading ‘WWGD’ What Would Google Do, simply to get an idea of the reach social media plays in today’s workplace.  This book will give you some insight as to the power of social communities online. I look forward to sharing more value with you in the future. Here’s to your E-mediate Success. Respectfully, Met Rivers

P.S. Thank You for visiting my blog. I look forward to the value you can add here as well.


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