“It’s Time To Make The Donuts!” …Does Your Business Meeting Feel Like This?

“It’s Time To Make The Donuts!” …Does Your Business Meeting Feel Like This?

Can any of you recall the old Dunkin Donuts commercials that used to come on TV many years ago?  It’s what the owner of the franchise would say early every morning just as he was waking up to make the donuts before opening each day.

…This is what the 2 sometimes 3 or more weekly business opportunity meetings started to feel like to me. This may be a sign of the impending Burn-out for some of you. Especially, if you take your eyes off your goals and your ‘Why’ isn’t big enough.

I can recall the first time I was introduced to network marketing many years ago. At first, I didn’t understand why I was so intrigued by the concept of, I get three then they get three and so on, I just saw the potential., Not fully realizing what I had in front of me. Fast forward 14 years later, I decided to get back involved with another mlm business, this time it was a financial services company. I will tell you that I thought this was it! I had found great company with a product that I truly felt good about and could really see myself promoting and ultimately reaching all my goals with.

I sold out to the business. Meaning, I did most everything that was asked of me. I studied and got Licensed, I worked on self improvement, I kept an outstanding attitude, and I got pretty good at Recruiting people into the business. We were trained to rally around the next Opportunity Meeting. The next Big Event. I cannot recall ever missing an ‘Opp Meeting’ or Fast Start School in the beginning. I had to be there for my team and show them I was committed to them and myself. The level of success I reached was a bit of a tough road. I also fought not to quit in the lean days when I had no momentum, and many times, No paycheck coming in. I was connected to some of the top leadership in the company. I learned all I could as I followed this top leader who’ll I’ll admit not only became a great friend but taught me a lot about how to run a multi- million dollar business. He showed me what was possible in network marketing. This had been the closest I had ever come to a mentor who was still in the game. By the way, His name was Jimmy.

So why did the meetings start to become ‘Same old Same old? Why did I start to feel like the guy running the Donut shop? Well it was because I lost focus. I was so busy trying to do it all. I was too busy doing busy work and not keeping my eye on what was most important – Prospecting and Recruiting. In fact double digit recruiting was our mantra.

As I come to a close in this article, the reason most network marketer’s start to become burned out in their opportunity may be because of their lack of focus on their goals. They may have gone through their warm market and lack they the skill set necessary to market online to get their leads coming to them rather than walking through Walmart.

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